Chatter Box: Words of Wisdom

There’s a saying that, “The only thing to do with good advice is to pass it on.” Ask any trucker still on the road and he’ll probably tell you that the secret to success in this business is heading good advice. We asked some of our readers for their best words of log trucking wisdom and here’s what they had to say.

Mark Wilson: Listen to the old timers they have been there done it many times before

Austin Hatley: When you think you know it all about hauling logs, you’d better just hang up the keys because your going to get your self killed.

Todd Stoffel: EVERYBODY screws up. You’re never late.

Jimmy Hill Jr.: Patience is key.

Jim Olson: Drive it like you stole it, and remember you gott’a fix it, share the road!!

Dennis Frazier: Show up-shut up-haul logs till they say that’s all! Simple job-some make it more complicated than it really is! If the logger’s known to be cheap, don’t start in the first place.

Christopher Knighten: Keep your load happy with the road... hardest part of your day is getting out of bed its all a breeze after that.

David Noble: Don’t get on the bad side of the scaler or loader operator.

Clint Lembke: Don’t drive over your head.

Ryan Tatham: That Woods not gonna rot before you get to the mill. Drive accordingly.

Forrest Waldron: Bunk pin, bail latch. Remember those.

Ike Hamilton: A fellow trucker one time loaded behind me on a nice four trip easy haul where you could relax and get your trips with ease. He was on my butt for no reason, so he got the hook ground level from me and the rest of my day was good.

Daniel Boone: Back up, stake up, shut up,

Bryan Conerly: Never show up to early and be in the way - I’ve dealt with that too often running shovel. Pay attention to what the shovel operator says; watch what he says to watch.

Jerry Hardcastle: Well I’ve only been doing this for the last 29 years, and I think the best advice is staying sober and don’t let your self get groggy. Get out and walk around a little from time to time, stay on top of your game, and don’t get side tracked.29 years in a log truck and no major accidents

Rick Hogg: Just a piece or a whole load, always wear protection.

Bob Holman: Any person who comes to you and says they know everything there is to know is a good one to stay away from.

John Hanson: Chains are a helluva lot cheaper than a new front end!

Jeff Henke: make damn sure the trailer is coming with you after you unload!!

Melissa McCaw: not to let the boys try and push ya around!

Luke Zacharias: U can go down hills or around corners lots of times to slow it only takes once to fast.

Kris Anderson: Everyone screws up; it’s just a matter of time . . .always learn from your mistakes. Grandpa always told me “maybe if you puts some god damn air in that seat, you might be able to see what the hell you’re doing!”

Jason L. Templin: An old guy had told me about a ticket he had gotten for going down a hill to slow, and he fought that ticket because back in the day you were only supposed to go down a hill as slow as the truck could climb the hill... It made good sense to me after seeing trucks fly down the hill to Clatskanie.

Grant Hayes: Respect the ROAD!!!