Loggers version
Editor, Loggers World:

I logged for four years in Cape Pole Alaska, from 1971-74. I saw a lot of ‘tramp loggers” come and go. There were a few of us of the younger generation, who hung together on Sundays, our only day off, and listened to the rock tapes of the day. Cassettes were the big idea then. One song we all loved was Dr. Hook’s “Picture on the Cover of Rolling Stone.” So one Sunday afternoon, I sat down and wrote my own “Logger’s Version” of the song.
If you are not familiar with the original song, you should listen to it to get a full appreciation of this....
“Logger’s Version” of Dr. Hook’s “Picture on the Cover of Rolling Stone.”

“Well we’re loggers from Alaska
and if anyone’ll ask ya
we’re the meanest toughest jackels in the land;
We can log the biggest timber
and I want’ya to remember
that we only have to use one hand.
We keep the chicks in town
from a wearin’ a frown
but we want MORE that just to be “Girled”
Our greatest heart’s desire
that burns us like a fire
is our picture on the LOGGERS’S WORLD.

Logger’s World
Wanna see my picture on the cover
Loggers World
Wanna sent five copies to ma ­mother
Loggers World
Wanna see my smilin’ face..
on the cover of LOGGERS WORLD!

Verse 2:
Well, we work on s skidder
she’s a homely old critter
but we love her ‘cuz she’s ours just the same;
We are so dog’gonn happy
and we call our hooker “Pappy”
and we LOVE it when the clouds bring the RAIN!
We’re always a rushin’
as we tramp thru the brush ‘an
we’re so HAPPY whcn our chokers get CURLED!
But we’d give up Maziradis
Just to see our little bodies
on the cover of LOGGFRS WORLD.

Verse 3:
Well we’re really gettin’ wealthy
and I feel so durned healthy
that I’ll never ever have to take a pill!
And today, about eleven,
musta’ climbed half-way to heaven
yea, that Sprucie really gave me a thrill!
But no thing could thrill me better
if I got myself a letter
from a magazine that’s really a PEARL,
saying, “sir, you’ve been selected
you just couldn’t be rejected
for the cover of “LOGGERS WORLD!”

Well, there you go.
Now I’m 63, been teaching for near 30 years now, and the memories of logging in Alaska are still vivid in my mind. I can’t remember where my keys are half the time, and I’m always looking for my shoes, but I’m amazed how vivid the details still are of my 4 years at Cape Pole, Alaska.
Sincerely, Bob Pruitt

Hermann Bros. story
Editor, Loggers World:

For your information the Operation of Hermann Bros logging in Port Angeles Washington is doing some interesting things. They have the first chip yard in the world that has solved the natural contaminants from a chip yard operation and have a state of the art water clearing system with treatment and holding ponds.

They also have just purchased and had designed a unique customer mechanic truck that incorporates an aerial man lift on one rear corner and a remote controlled crane on the other. Providing that ability of a mechanic to do aerial service at the same time directing a crane to remotely bring product and parts to the repair position.

Two firsts in the industry - nice people doing well.

Roy Nelson - Nelson Truck Equipment
- crane supplier and truck upfitter
p.s. The truck full loaded with tools etc. weighs 36,500. The only thing we will do different on the next one is ask for an 8’6” wide body.