(This column originally appeared in the April 1968 edition of Loggers World.)

We have changed Loggers World a little bit. For several issues we are intending to write about logging systems or parts of the logging job rather than report on Logging Outfits. This is the first issue that came out the new way. The issue after this will be on Falling and Bucking, the one after that will be on Logging Sports, Logging shows and the Logging Athletes that compete in these shows. The one after that will be on Log Hauling. Hope it meets with your favor!

I can’t remember a February with more good weather in it than the one just past. However, when it did rain, there was no fooling around about it-she poured like the cow and the flat rock.

Lots of people think I’m older than I am and sometimes I think so too. When I get out in the brush and see some of these good fast men rambling around it brings home the fact that I’ll never be able to do that again. It is a sobering thought when you know you have reached the age that you’ve lost some of the coordination and the muscles don’t react like they should and the balance is shot and the legs won’t mind. It’s a thing that takes some getting used to, but eventually a man does. The good part is when you get sense enough to quit trying to do at 50 what you could do at 20. Wish I’d never started talking about these things. I’ll be 50 next fall.

We get around to lots of outfits and take some pictures that never show up in Loggers World. The thing here is that some of the loggers are disappointed because they don’t get the publicity they deserve. The sad fact is that we are able to use only about one half of the B.S and pictures we get and take. Maybe we don’t even use the best part.

Next Summer
The papers, radio and TV are putting out a lot of guesswork about next summer’s civil riots. I don’t think they’ll be as bad as last year because more people are prepared for them and I think they’ll keep the lid on better.
One Radio Commentator said that when we went into Vietnam, we resolved to make that country over like the United States. He said that we succeeded in doing that because now Saigon looks just like Detroit did last summer.

I’ve got a calendar that says: “Machines are getting almost human. They now blame their mistakes on each other.”
It also says: “Join the Government’s Fiscal Fitness program. Get in shape to carry the tax load.”

I’ve got the messiest office in existence. I’ve got about a one quarter chance to find any given piece of paper at any time. Don’t know how it happens because I try to be neat. Think part of the reason is that I’d much rather be out of the office than in it. Therefore, I’m only here when driven to it. It’ll be neater after our next fire.

Tip Grandorff (Logging Foreman at Simpson) was telling the rig up crew that it didn’t pay to grease cork shoes. To prove this he was telling about a logger who got a new pair of cork shoes. This logger faithfully greased one shoe of the pair every day. The other shoe he didn’t pay any attention to at all. The shoe he greased only lasted one hour and twenty-five minutes longer than the shoe he didn’t grease.
Tip was saying this same logger sent to Alaska for some seal oil. When he got it he mixed up some shoe grease to his own secret formula. It worked so well that when he waded across the crick the water parted 18 inches ahead of the shoes.
You can make up your own mind but I don’t believe it.

Another thing that walks hand in hand with advancing age, bulging belly and shortness of breath is a curtailment of ambition. Along about that time of life many men have shrunk their dreams down to the size that fits the time they might have left and the ambition there to use.
I’d guess that everyone wants success as it is measured in money, cars and a large unmortgaged home. I’m no exception to that but there are some worthwhile things that come with slacking off the pursuit after riches. One thing is that you can be more independent because money is less important in your particular scheme of things. You can select the things to do that you like to do rather than those it pays the most to do.
All this horse manure leads up to me bragging that I am doing what I want to do and that in itself is worth quite a lot. Isn’t it?

Quite a few loggers have been stopping in at the office here in Chehalis to have their addresses changed to Alaska because they are going back up there to log this summer. Looks like they will be able to start early this year.
It is our hope that we can sneak away and spend some time in the Alaska logging belt this year. If so we can bring you more news, pictures and stories from there.

“Never put off until tomorrow what you can do today. For tomorrow it may be against the Doctor’s Orders.”
The cause of accidents involving bad weather conditions is the failure of the driver to adjust his driving to meet such conditions or to keep his vehicle in proper condition. And such accidents are preventable.