Tom Mahon Logging, Council, Idaho - Jammer Logging

JEFF MILLER, who has run Tom Mahon Logging's jammer (tong tosser) since joining the crew in '97, and a veteran of 32 seasons, running machines most of that time, and on tong tossers the past 14-16 years. "It's all right," he said smiling, "like fishing every day!" They have both this '94 Cat 320A with Jewell tong tossing package that has 25,000 hours on it and is still running strong. "It's on its second engine, third undercarriage, second set of pumps," noted Miller adding, "its pretty well been rebuilt and the booms been re-bushed." There's a second Cat 320C similarly equipped for backup. "I'd seen a guy do it one time for about 10 minutes, then I jumped on it and started throwing them then." He was tossing about 200 feet.

(From Loggers World Magazine, August 2012) at