Log Trucker

In early spring of 1976, the first issue of Log Trucker magazine was published. The inspiration and guiding vision for the new magazine came out of the already established Logger's World publication. The intention of Log Trucker was and still is to provide a regular source of industry resources and information specifically for the log trucking community.

Log Trucker is a regional publication devoted to Western United States log trucking and wood products operations. Log Trucker is the only publication dedicated solely to the woods transportation industry and is recognized as the buyers source for trucks, truck equipment, parts and components. Our editorial focus is on the working log truckers and operators and our circulation is currently over 12,000 circulation copies. Please contact us for more information on subscriptions or advertising opportunities.

Founded in 1975 by Finley Hays

Publisher: Michael P. Crouse
Editor Emeritus: Finley Hays

Writer: Darin Burt
Advertising Manager: Kevin Core
Office Manager: Holly Larson

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